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CINN App for exhibitors

With CINN App we enrich the cinema-going experience in your cinema with the possibility to connect with other likeminded movie-lovers. With CINN App, your audience is encouraged to visit your cinema more often and bring more friends as they would do without CINN App.


For the love of cinema
and to bring back the young audience 

The fight for consumer (leisure) time has begun! Social Media, Gaming, Netflix & Chill - are the biggest competitors for the cinema experience nowadays. With CINN App we build new, innovative tools for the movie industry to better compete with other leisure time activities. By adding a playful and social aspect to the movie going experience, we engage movie-goers in new ways.
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CINN Cinema Events

User-created cinema events encourgae people to visit your cinema not only if they want to watch a certain movie, but also when they want to socialize and get to know new, likmeninded people.

More visitors

CINN App uses clever gamification mechanics like achievments and Badges,  personalized push-notifications to encourage your audience to go to cinema more often and bring more friends. We have big plans using gamification to the limit and engage movie goers in new ways!

Filmtech Startup

Support a new filmtech-startup from vienna to bring CINN App to your country and your audience. Our vision is to create a new Marketing-Channel to better reach the younger audience and better compete with other leisure-time activities. Learn more about our vision.

Help us bring CINN App
to the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland & Spain

We can scale easily and bring CINN App to other EU-countries or even the United States easily.
What can you do? Invest in our vision or get in touch if you are interested in making CINN App available for your audience.

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